2018 Womens March - Milwaukee

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Leslie Walsh, 58, of Madison, Wisconsin participates in the 2018 Women's March Rally outside of the Milwaukee County Court House on Saturday January 20th. She is marching with her spouce  "because we feel it's really important to be out here coming from Madison where we marched last year in the first global women's march. We knew we had to be here for this anniversary march because it's particularly focused on support for women of color and for Native American women, our friends and neighbors. This year's march feels different than last year because of the speakers, there's so many women of color, and in particuar the number of young people  is very striking and it's great to hear from them....as young as an 8th grader, very powerful speakers here. In 2018 I hope to see more women in office, I hope the progressives, especially progressive women, sweep the midterms."